Originally, the acronym "FIT" stood for "foreign independent tour," but now it is most commonly used to describe a fully independent traveller or tourist. Nowadays, you see the term "FIT" used to mean "free independent traveller". These travellers almost always design their own itineraries and arrange their travel plans—FIT's do not travel with group tours or according to any schedule imposed by others.

We take the wishes of the individual tourist into account. We often see that the traveller is a bit overwhelmed about the possibilities and still experiences some tension when booking individual components on their journey.


For these travellers, our agents specialising in FIT Travel are available to help plan a personalised travel experience and tailor-made trip based on the input the guests provide. A custom sightseeing with a private tour guide, a private cooking class or a wine-tasting tour. 

Together we ensure that we find the unique, non-traditional places and out-of-the-way accommodations that make the trip unforgettable.


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